My Favorite Smoothie

This smoothie bowl, inspired by JuiceLand's "The Love Below", is a beautiful, sweet, delicious breakfast! |

Smoothie bowls are having a moment right now, but even before they were, I’ve drank a smoothie every morning with my breakfast. What’s not to love about them? I mean, they’re healthy yet they taste like dessert. That’s such a win in my eyes. In Austin, there’s a juice shop called Juiceland that sells health … [Read more…]

The Fluffiest Pancakes

pancakes with maple syrup

If you like your pancakes the same way you like your clouds, this one’s for you! I’m legitimately convinced that this recipe produces the fluffiest pancakes on the Internet. The secret? Beating your egg whites! The more you beat them, the fluffier you’ll get. Personally, I’m a fan of ultra-fluffy pancakes, so I usually bring … [Read more…]

Eggcellent and Easy Baked Eggs


Sorry for the pun. I couldn’t help myself. This might be kind of weird, but I actually just found out that baked eggs exist. I think I was scrolling through my Instagram feed and I saw that someone posted a picture of baked eggs that they got at a cafe. Although I often try to eat vegan … [Read more…]

Yummly, Bloglovin, and Feedly!

As an avid food lover, I’m always interested in new ways to find and share great recipes. In that category, I recently discovered Yummly, where you can do just that! It’s easy to create an account by going to, and once you do you can save your favorite recipes to your personal recipe box. As a … [Read more…]

Yogurt because I’m yogHURT

I look like a hamster at the moment because I had my wisdom teeth removed on Monday. This was mostly devastating because it made me enjoy eating a lot less, and honestly, I live to eat. I know that’s not news to anyone seeing as I run a food blog, but still. I want some crunchy … [Read more…]

Lemon Blueberry Bread

This lemon blueberry bread is one of my absolute favorite breakfasts. I didn’t necessarily expect the lemon/blueberry combo to be such a perfect one, but the lemon perfectly counters the sweetness of the blueberries, making it just divine. It’s denser than most breads, but I personally love that even more. When I tried the vegan, … [Read more…]

Happy National Donut Day!


When I got up this morning and checked Instagram (@breakfastbylisa!!!), it took me about 0.2 seconds of scrolling through my feed to see that today is, in fact, National Donut Day. I try really, really hard to restrict how often I eat donuts because they’re lots of empty calories, but I had to celebrate this … [Read more…]

The Beginning

This is my first post on Breakfast By Lisa. I bought my domain last night hoping to build a blog with high quality yet simple recipes for the most important meal of the day (and my personal favorite). I’ll try to post recipes that are healthy and sometimes vegan because that’s what I want my … [Read more…]