My Favorite Smoothie

This smoothie bowl, inspired by JuiceLand's "The Love Below", is a beautiful, sweet, delicious breakfast! |

Smoothie bowls are having a moment right now, but even before they were, I’ve drank a smoothie every morning with my breakfast. What’s not to love about them? I mean, they’re healthy yet they taste like dessert. That’s such a win in my eyes. In Austin, there’s a juice shop called Juiceland that sells health … [Read more…]

Yogurt because I’m yogHURT

I look like a hamster at the moment because I had┬ámy wisdom teeth removed on Monday. This was mostly devastating because it made me enjoy eating a lot less, and honestly, I live to eat. I know that’s not news to anyone seeing as I run a food blog, but still. I want some crunchy … [Read more…]