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If you read my last post, you know that I took a short break from blogging while I worked on figuring out where this is going, but I’m back!! I’m also back from a two week much-needed vacation to visit family in California. I have way too many pictures for just one post, so I’m going to break up the trip between a few, but today I’m starting off with highlights from our time in SoCal!

Every time we make a summer trip to California, my family makes it a huge priority to visit this fruit stand near our house that sells the BEST strawberries!

Strawberries and shoes! |


Texas people, you are missing out. These strawberries are not like the ones we have been demoted to. They’re sweeter, juicier, and just so much better! I ate like 100.

On another food-related note, before I left Austin, I had a friend tell me that I absolutely needed go check out Lemonade and she was so right!

My cousin, sister and I loved checking out Lemonade!! |

I really liked the energy of the place–with lots of windows and bright colors, it was just fun to be there.

This blueberry mint lemonade at Lemonade (haha) was soo good! |

Plus, the food was really good, but the main things were the amazing blueberry mint lemonade ^^, and the desserts. I had this adorable nutella chocolate cheesecake in a jar and it was delicious.

Nutella chocolate cheesecake at Lemonade!! |

I shared it with my sister, buuuut I ate like 80% of it. Also, the dessert in the jar thing really inspired me–wouldn’t that be so good for a party?

The parking lot was also really cool (I realize that’s a strange thing to say), since it had a bunch of funny murals and slogans all around. Everyone that knows me knows I’m an avid sunscreen wearer and advocate. (Don’t get me wrong, though, sunscreen should not be your first line of defense against sun damage. The best way to shield your skin is by staying in the shade and covering your skin with opaque clothing.) Naturally, I had to take a picture with this sign that literally says my slogan on it, although I usually prefer “sunscreen or diescreen”.

sunscreen or diescreen. |

After lunch, the three of us walked to the pier at Huntington Beach to enjoy the beautiful, not hot (!) weather…and lowkey to catch water Pokemon. Please don’t judge. Since it’s summer, there were a bunch of surfers out in the water, and it was actually a lot of fun to watch them. We all got pretty into it!

Visiting Huntington Beach, CA! |

I think the very biggest highlight for me in California is getting to see my cousins. I’m lucky to be really close to them, and everything we always do together is so much fun. Stephanie has her own blog too (, so she understands my need to take pictures of everything I do, which led to this macaron photoshoot.

Macarons in California! |

Stay tuned for more from California!

In this post, I wore this romper, these black Nikes, and these sunglasses. Scalloped sandals are by Sole Society, sold out in black but available in gold, tan, and silver.

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  1. CK

    Love the latest post on California! Makes me want to go there and visit! (Oh, wait, I was there too). Really fun account of your adventures in the O.C.

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