Breakfast? by Lisa

Breakfast by Lisa is about to undergo quite a few changes over the next week or so, so I want to give a heads up to anyone reading this!

I started blogging in May with the idea that I would be a food blogger that posted only breakfast recipes. I’ve enjoyed it so much along the way, and it’s served as a great creative outlet for me that I’m so lucky to have. But I think, all in all, food blogging might be not for me. After hours of shameless self promotion on every recipe site I could find and trying to join group Pinterest boards and hashtagging my Instagram photos hoping to gain a new follower or two, I’ve realized that this isn’t what I intended to do. I have so much respect for the successful and super cool food bloggers who thrive doing those things, but I guess what I’m saying is that I’m realizing that I don’t so much.

I still love food and I still love blogging and I even still love food blogging, but yesterday I sat down on my kitchen floor and cried because my banana muffin balls fell off the tray into the oven and because my house is full of an ungodly amount of food because I decided I needed to do extra posts in case I don’t have enough time on one of the days I’m supposed to post and I was totally overwhelmed.

So I’m trying something different! As you’ll see over the next few weeks, Breakfast by Lisa is going to be less about 100% food and more about life in general. For my foodie friends: I’ll still post recipes and food because I love recipes and food! It just won’t be only recipes and food.

I was going to change my domain name; maybe shorten it to just or something, but is for sale for $90 and I don’t have $90, so for now we’re going to stick with even if it doesn’t totally make sense. Please comment if you have any better ideas because I need them!

I’m not absolutely sure on where this is going, but you never know! I’m still a happy blogger. (:

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