Hey! I’m Lisa! By Lisa is kind of my creative outlet where I share about food and design and fashion and life. I started out food blogging, hence the original name, but it was lowkey really stressful and Breakfast by Lisa expanded into something more general, so I ended up shifting things around so that I could blog about not just good food, but also everything else.

About me: I live in and love Austin, TX! I’m an avid swimmer and homework-er (hah!) and dog mom to an adorable bichon mix. Email me at lisa@breakfastbylisa.com!


Addendum–What my life is and isn’t: Obviously as a blogger, I believe social media is fun and a great way to connect with people. However, it is also very clear to me that it isn’t an accurate representation of real life. Breakfast by Lisa is just a small preview of mine–most of my photographs are posed, edited, and styled. My life isn’t just good food and smooth days. So when you read my blog or look at my Instagram or Youtube, please remember what you’re seeing isn’t my whole life. What I really hope is that what you take away from this is an appreciation for everyday joy. (: