A Day at the Beach.

Boy, am I missing California now. I’d give ANYTHING to fly back there and be 2000 miles away from school. I’ve been away from the blog for nearly two weeks now because I am absolutely swamped. I thought they’d give us some time to ease back into the drudgery of high school, but that was incredibly naive of me.

On a more positive note, this post will be a nice reminder for me of those better days, so today I’m sharing a couple photos from our trip to Crystal Cove beach! It’s been a family tradition ever since I can remember for my extended family to take a trip there every summer, because the tidepools there are super incredible. Unfortunately, we came at exactly the wrong time and couldn’t go experience the hermit crabs and snails and fish that are normally visible during low tide, but it was still a lot of fun!

Enjoying the California beaches! | breakfastbylisa.com

I’m definitely really cold in this photo, but the water was so beautiful!

California beaches! | breakfastbylisa.com

Doesn’t that sand just look so soft? Maybe I’m just especially longing for beaches because they aren’t school? Who knows.

I appreciate this photo and am sharing it now because it makes me look extra tan.


I like this photo because it looks really sunny and overexposed and I’m smiling and I associate all that with summer!


Ok you will probably think this is cringey…


…but it’s a joke and also I love it! I guess that’s the theme of this post–YOLO!

P.S. The girl on the far left is my cousin and she blogs here! I aspire to be as fashionable as her.

P.P.S. In this post I wore this swimsuit top (bottoms are sold out) by Target. In the last two photos, I wore this tee by Brandy Melville, sold out in that color.

P.P.P.S. I’ve since stopped shopping at Brandy Melville because I think their one-size-fits-all advertising play a major role in a culture of body shaming.

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